Woman: Tsk, what is with all these robots.. disgusti-!

Lance: I don’t think you’ll have a problem with robots lurking around anymore..

Thalia: No.. it can’t be.. crows feet? Oh no.. 

Lance: Ms. Fane, I highly doubt in your ability to develop crow’s feet overnight. If you’re that concerned I can order more omeg-

Thalia: No no.. something stronger!

Lance: Ms. Fane I would like to retire since it is rather late-

Thalia: Lance will you, please?

Lance: *sigh* As you wish, My lady. 

Cade: I’m just saying, after a billion years later we finally get a day off. And we’re spending it inside laying around in our underwear.

Trevyn: Well.. I thought we could do something inside today.

Cade: Like? 

Trevyn:Movie night?

Cade: Deal.